Lan Pho(non-registered)
Great job. Nice music.They look great! U r good at taking people's pictures! When r u going to do my pictures? I will treat to to Portos. :)
Some good pictures and enjoyed the composition. What really surprised me was that you did all this with the DX cameras. I would have thought you had an FX. That encourages me as I am a hobbiest and was thinking I would need to get an FX for the greater view. the ability of the sensor. Also I was amazed that you do not have a wide angle lens. By the way, thanks for listing what you have in your bag as it helps people like me make decisions.
Really enjoyed your blog and appreciate the tips. Your photos are well composed and quite beautiful. I will return to visit often. Also - I agree with your assessment of Fritz - he is a cutie!
Juan Carlos(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your great photos, wonderful work. Also thank you very much for details.
Timothy Bury Photography
Nice gallery! Lots of great images, good work! I enjoyed visiting. The photo walk was really nice, looks like a profitable adventure. Your travels galleries look great too. I'll havbe to stop back and browse some more!! I like the layout and presentation too.
Nice work! Just go! Greetings from Czech Republic
Mark (digital-freak
Enjoyed your Dodger pix, I have a bunch you might enjoy:
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